Eskimimi’s Knitulator knitting increase and decrease calculator

Eskimimi's Knitulator calculates all your increases and decreases.

Please help me to  Increase  Decrease

I have stitches, and want to increase by stitches to give 120 stitches total.


The Knitulator is provided free for all to use, so please feel free to link to it, pin, Facebook or Tweet it for future use by yourself and anyone you think might find it handy. Some graphics are also included below if you wish for a button or graphic to share with the link.

There may be some improvements/changes in the future, but baby brain is definitely saying 'later' to me at the moment. In the meantime there is also a handy Information and FAQ section below.

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The knitulator knitting calculator for increases and decreases

knitulator increase and decrease calculator by Eskimimi Makes knitting calculator by eskimimi makes

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