Finally Fit

Our little hero is one week old today, and he has been rocking the very smallest of the hand-knits that were made before he arrived in the world. Today he is wearing his little Baby Alpaca tank top, which is warm and so very soft across his gorgeous little tummy.

Accessorised by a snug little sleep suit, it is the very centre of geek chic and should be a staple piece of any little genius’ wardrobe. All the girls love a tank top.

There hasn’t been much new knitting in the past few days, but I am nearing publishing a new pattern as a recent test knit runs to a closure soon, so there are still plenty of things to look forwards too and I hope to pick up my needles in quiet moments (the few of them that there are!) over the next few days, too.

The July post ‘Tiny Tank Top‘ has all the details of this project and any pattern modifications and materials used.

10 thoughts on “Finally Fit

  1. Look at those gorgeous little kissy lips. And long baby fingers! He reminds me of Little Man when he was new (he’s almost 5 now). The little vest fits him for five seconds! Woo-hoo! I made Stormageddon the Greyson sweater in the newborn size and it fit him for all of five seconds. ::sigh:: He’s due for something else, I think…

  2. He’s so sweet! I got a surprising amount of knitting done in the early days while my girls were napping on my chest, never did work out knitting and feeding at the same time though!

  3. Wonderful photo…enjoy the teenytininess of him….I remember it as yesterday but mine are now 32, 30, 27 and 21! Wishing you so much happiness!

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