FO: The Wedding Shawl – Blocked and Finished

Every end has been woven in, the shawl has been left for a gentle bath in some lukewarm water and some citrus Soak hand wash and then pinned out – each swallowtail edge point drawn to length an left to dry overnight, and finally my wedding shawl is ready.
This isn’t its final, grandest entrance – I shall have to wait nearly a whole year for that; but for now I know that I have my hand-knit shawl ready for the big day. Several hundred metres of laceweight Merino yarn and a few hundred beads, two weeks of evening knitting and my hand-knit for the wedding is complete.
The lace patterning is relatively simple and un-fussy, a simple circular motif that is repeated at a staggered interval, but the transition from the single YO eyelets to the mid-size motifs through tot he main patterning is nicely achieved, easing from the plain stockinette to the lace edging.
The wingspan of the shawl extends to about 160cm (about 5½ feet) after blocking. The merino yarn bloomed only a very little, which created just enough halo to fill the stockinette portion beautifully, but not enough to have any impact on the crispness of the lace motifs. I couldn’t praise this Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace yarn enough – it behaved beautifully with not a single under-spun section or knot to be seen.

The idea of beading the shawl came from the lovely Mooncalf’s version. Each of the beads was placed using a .75mm crochet hook. I started off beading beneath each of the single eyelets as so:

I also then placed a bead at the base of the mid-sized motifs and the first row of large motifs. For the next two rounds of large motifs I also placed a bead at the centre of each of the round stockinette centres.

At the border section I placed a few rounds of beads at the centre of each point and archway of the edging, just where I thought they looked best. Adding a few beads to the edging will give the shawl just a little bit of weight to stop it blowing around too much if it should catch the breeze.

The beading on the shawl is subtle, but provides a really beautiful effect as each of the pearlescent glass beads catches the light, like little twinkling lights.
The pattern was well written, and the charts easy enough to follow. I made a few changes to the pattern as I went along, but these were mostly substituting increases and decreases for ones that I preferred, and  handling the top edge YOs slightly differently. On WS rows instead of stacking further YOs on top of those from the previous RS rows, I worked the WS increases as follows:

K3 (edge sts), k1, bring yarn to front and then p1 into the same stitch, p to marker, sm, p until last four stitches, p1, take yarn to back and then k1 into the same stitch, k3.

I think this gives a slightly more robust edge, as well as being (to my mind) more aesthetically pleasing.

The shawl has now been packed away in a ziplock bag and sealed away from moths and any other potential nasties, just in case. It may need re-blocking just before the wedding, but for now I know that I have my shawl safe and ready for that very special occasion.

Pattern: Dew Drops Shawl by Bex Hopkins
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace (1.2 x 50g balls used)
Beads: Size 6 white pearlescent seed beads, 60g

24 thoughts on “FO: The Wedding Shawl – Blocked and Finished

  1. Wow. That is very special. I have a soft spot (as it were) for spots as I had that “theme” at our wedding. I’m sure you’ll look stunning wearing it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and the beads are a lovely addition.
    I’m sure you will look very beautiful on your wedding day.

    A friend sent me a link to see your brilliant execution of my pattern.
    Bex Hopkins

  3. I could take a lesson from you about advance preparation rather than procrastination, another about beading, and another about blocking. What a gorgeous FO! I am beaming for you.

  4. Oh Mimi, it’s absolutely gorgeous. The beads are just the right amount of subtle. You are going to look amazing in this on your big day. Can’t believe there’s still so long to wait until we get to see you in it!

  5. really lovely! Will it keep it’s shape for a year or do you think you’ll need to reblock?

    Love the natural setting photos much more than your usual white background photos – which I guess you couldnt do any way with a white item!

    coudl you share your weaving in ends technique? i struggle with laceweight items


  6. Yay! It’s so beautiful! I just completed my knitted wedding dress and I’m having a hard time putting it away just yet. I can’t wait to see the shawl in its proper setting on the big day!

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