‘Tis Unseasonal To Be Jolly – The New Patterns Sale

It’s doubtful that in the recent extended heatwave that the thoughts of many people will be turned towards Christmas, but with five months of knitting to go I have added a couple of patterns to the pattern store to launch with a Buy One Get One Free sale for all of those knitters who are organised, have foresight and have the gift of recognising an excellent bargain when they see one.

Even if you don’t intend on diving into your red and green yarn stash to start Christmas knitting until the weather turns cold again, having these gorgeous patterns ready for another season will set you in good stead.

The Star Stocking is an heirloom knit steeped in traditional motifs and colours that call out Christmas from the other side of the room, but it is presented in a modern shape both for a pleasing aesthetic and practicality – it is lovely and roomy for all of those goodies and treats that you will obviously wish to fill it with over the many years that you will love it.

The Cool Christmas Stocking shares that same modern shape as the Star Stocking, but this time it has a grown up, sophisticated edge with gorgeous feminine detailing. The scalloped cuff adds a timeless element of flair to the subtle patterning running over the frosty shades of this stocking, bringing to mind the patterning on rich brocade. The pom-poms, like little snowballs, are an optional but fun detail.

Though the colourwork on these stockings looks complex, at no point does the pattern cause the knitter to use more than two colours in a single row. Single colours span only a few stitches at a time, meaning that floats are short and so do not require twisting together at the back of the work, keeping the colourwork neat and simple, and meaning that there are no long floats to catch when filling the stockings with treats!

The normal list price for these stockings will be $5 each, but until August 25th 2013 they will be offered on a Buy One, Get One Free offer, so you’ll get both for just $5.

To take advantage of this offer just add both patterns to your cart and the discount will be automatically applied at the checkout.

Cool Stocking Cool Christmas Stocking. A modern shaped stocking in cool and frosty shades with a simple repeated motif and feminine details such as a scalloped edge and pair of charming pompoms.

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Star Stocking Star Christmas Stocking. Modern shaped Christmas stocking in bright and vivid shades of Christmas. Knit stranded in the round, this stocking features easy-to-knit colourwork that never uses more than two colours in a single row.

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