Choose Your House: A Re-Poll Is In Order! Last Poll Null And Void…

Due to circumstances beyond my control (i.e: Blogger polls playing up) some of you may have noticed that the poll started yesterday has been, shall we say, less than reliable… I checked yesterday afternoon and there had been 54 votes cast. later that evening the number was down to 19. After getting back up to 48 later last night there were 24 votes this morning.

I have spent a couple of hours looking into embeddable poll alternatives and have decided to use as a simple solution. Let’s hope this one is a little more reliable. The new poll is now in the sidebar and the old one deleted, so please take one moment to re-cast your vote as it will help to make navigating all the blogs taking part during Knitting & Crochet Blog Week even more exciting.

To re-cap on the post from yesterday:

Are you a busy bee that dips into the golden nectar of many projects with your needles and hooks? Do you calmly indulge in the slow comfort of your next squishy new project? Do your wise and inquisitive monkey fingers seek new challenges in each project as you test your abilities? Do your peacock feathers shine in the form of beaded shawls and highly decorative projects?

Have you managed to decide what house you will be in for Knitting And Crochet Blog Week? If so, vote in the sidebar now and declare your allegiance! If you haven’t yet decided, re-fresh your memory using by following the link above and come back when you have decided which house you best associate with.

4 thoughts on “Choose Your House: A Re-Poll Is In Order! Last Poll Null And Void…

  1. It’s fun to see what people think of their knitting styles. I wonder if people blog in a way similar to how they knit… Thanks for organising the blog week, a great incentive to get back into writing!

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