WIP: Violet Socks

I am currently working on a design for a new pair of socks in a gorgeous rich violet coloured merino sock yarn from Regia. I am working on these socks two at a time, but rather than knit them both using a  long circular and magic looping them I am knitting them on two sets of double pointed needles. I had originally considered magic looping them on the same needle, as it is something I have not tried before, but I never had a needle of the correct size, but as the aim was to avoid ‘second sock syndrome’ it doesn’t matter which technique I use.

The pattern is really enjoyable to knit, but I am very much looking forward to reaching the heel. Like the Wednesday of a working week, the heel represents to me the turning point at which I am more than half way through a task and on the home stretch.

I’m really enjoying working with this yarn. It’s smooth and cool in the hand, and works perfectly with both the cabling and lace that this pattern incorporates, and the extra twist in the yarn makes it wonderfully springy both when knitted and in the finished piece. I think these socks are going to be fantastically comfortable when they are complete.

6 thoughts on “WIP: Violet Socks

  1. I never thought of heels as Wednesdays but I totally agree. I’m still obsessing about those sock blockers. I have to review your tutorial and keep my eye out for some great place mats.

  2. Those sock blockers really steal the focus of your photo. love them! I just read your tutorial for the millioonth time, and I think placemats might finally get added to the supplies list.

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