New Stash: Regia 6-Ply

More squishy yarn has landed! I’ve actually had it for quite a while now, but I haven’t allowed myself to play with it at all whilst my last pair of commissioned socks were being finished and checked, and re-checked. But now they have been sent off to the publishers I am free to think of the next pair, and this is the yarn I have chosen. I wanted to make some rustic, aran styled socks that looked like they might be full of tradition, yet were made with bouncy soft yarn and with a completely modern design.

I have never knit with a 6 ply sock yarn before, so I’m looking forward to this being a bit of a treat, both to knit and to wear.

PS: Can I just impress upon everyone how difficult it is to photograph white yarn on a white background? If I ever perfect this I will write a separate tutorial, but though I am improving, I’m not quite there yet!

6 thoughts on “New Stash: Regia 6-Ply

  1. I have some of this! I’ve got no idea what to do with it, I was thinking toys.

    PS – Photographing white things on a pastel paper or slate background is a win 😉

  2. Have you considered backlighting it a bit more? (Btdubs – I read your blog all the time, and I LOVE IT, don’t comment much though, which now makes this seem a little ‘stalkery’.. so uh… Hello! :p)

  3. I’ve been using your tutorial methods for photographing. I have the same issue. White never looks white and it can sometimes be hard to photograph lightly colored yarn even though I have all the drapes open in front our big windows. I think I need a light or my other option is to photograph outside in the sunlight.

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