Pattern and FO: Confetti (Rose Pebble) Socks

People have been asking me when the Rose Pebbles sock pattern will be ready, and here it is. They have gone through a bit of a name change, and the pattern has been released under the name ‘Confetti’, because that will keep it appropriate to all different colours of variegated sock yarn.
I am incredibly pleased with this design and that I have finally found a way of making the most out of variegated yarn. It took a lot of experimentation and failed ideas to get to this design, and I can say that I am truly overjoyed with it, mostly because it opens up a world of possibilities for some sock yarns I never knew what to do with before.
The stitch pattern used in this sock plays around with the depth of knitted lines, so breaking up the variegated colours of the sock whilst also giving a slight texture to the socks.
These socks have been knitted with a contrast heel and toe, instructions for which are given in the pattern, but they could easily be made with the working yarn if the knitter prefers. I just like the contrast of the fancy sock and plainer heels and toes.
The stitch pattern is so stretchy and comfortable, they feel wonderful to wear and are great fun to knit. The pattern works up surprisingly quickly and there is a lot of satisfaction in watching the pattern work its magic with the yarn.

Confetti is available on Ravelry now for $4.00, or click the button below.

Pattern: Confetti by Mimi Hill

Yarn: Yarnyard Bonny in shade ‘Strawberry Patch’

9 thoughts on “Pattern and FO: Confetti (Rose Pebble) Socks

  1. I am feeling kind of crazy in asking this question, but is this knit with either self striping yarn or with 2 skeins? Or did the colorway actually pool like that?

    I am not a sock knitter but these are so lovely they might convince me to give it a try.

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