Weaving In Loose Ends

I meant to sew up a few loose ends in a blog post on Friday, but Mr Awesome came home from work three hours early without telling me, as a surprise, half frightening me to death as he walked in whilst I was blissfully unaware of him walking through the door due to David Bowie playing on my headphones whilst I was doing a quick bit of spinning.

All of this was fantastic for my weekend, but it did that I didn’t get around to rounding up a few open points from earlier in the week.

Firstly, thank you for everyone who volunteered to do a little test knit of the lace pattern. Christine65, Paula, MoMoCraCra and Kristen, I will drop you a line shortly with the (written) pattern instructions. I really hope you enjoy the pattern!

Secondly, thank you to everyone who responded to the Creative Pay If Forward post. The first three respondents were pdxknitterati, Jenniferย and Createbellacreate. I’ll drop you each a line shortly, for your address details.

I’ll soon be finished with the first half of the Fleece Artist fibre, and I have been tying with the idea of chain-plying the singles to keep the colour changes clear and uninterrupted, but as the colours don’t so much fade from one to another but change after a certain amount of fibre has been spun, I think i shall stick with my original plan of plying two of the fleece artist singles with a merino single in a lichen green. It may take a while, especially as this fibre is slightly matted, but I think it will be a beautiful mix of ocean colours when completed.

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week begins tomorrow, don’t forget! You’ll be glad to know that I have prepared none of my posts in advance, not taken a single picture of even assembled a single thought on what to post, so I’ll be blogging on-the-fly. Hopefully I am not the only one taking the ‘exciting’ route.

13 thoughts on “Weaving In Loose Ends

  1. You are a brave woman to do it on the fly. I can’t do that as there is no way I could blog every day without making myself ill. I’ve got about half my posts written and I’ll do the other half “on the fly”. I didn’t know if I was going to take part until I got some posts written last week and realised that it was possible after all. Can’t wait!

  2. Your spinning is beautiful…love blues and greens together.

    I’ll be another taking the ‘blogging-on-the-fly’ route…April seems to have gotten away on me. Looking forward to it ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Looking forward to the blog week! Some of it is already written but the rest is just notes, so I am kind of ‘halfy-halfy’ on the fly!

    B x

  4. Trying to combine it with the alphabet caused me to do a bit of pre-planning. However, each post is only an idea until it gets created and written. This week is definitely making the end of A – Z Blogger Challenge a bit more interesting…that’s for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

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