Lost FO: Graceful Hat

I said goodbye to a number of my things when I moved, things I was unable to collect, and the hand knits I lost were among those that I do miss.

This hat was one of the items that I never got chance to blog about, and it’s a bit of a shame because it was a blinking good hat, and I designed it and never got the chance to publish the pattern. I could re-knit it and publish it, but the design looked so very lovely in the Louisa Harding Grace hand-Dyed yarn that Vivianne had so kindly sent to me that I just don’t want to knit it in something that doesn’t have that sheen and liveliness of subtle hues.

The hat was made with a subtle lace border and a stockinette top. I used an optional ribbon detail to give a little bit of extra detail to the hat, but it also looked beautiful without. The hat sat lovely on the head, with enough extra room not to squish delicate hairstyles, but at the same time having enough stretch in the hat band to make sure that the hat stayed put on the head. It was an amazing hat. *Sob*.

8 thoughts on “Lost FO: Graceful Hat

  1. Would you really have to reknit it in order to publish the pattern? Maybe you could get someone to test knit it for you and then you would have more photos of their project. Just a thought. It’s really pretty.

  2. Lovely color. I’m sorry for your loss. I had to leave my things with an ex that had sentimental value. It’s infuriating to know that he still has it out of spite.

    On the bright side, your future is full of nicer hats!

  3. That’s too bad that you lost that, and so many other knits. I feel awful for you, but it sounds like you seem to be doing a bit better now (and youre BACK!) so I’m hoping this means things are good. Or at least getting there!!

  4. Oh! here you are! I was fed up when your old site went down as I’d just found it, and I especially liked this hat. Really hope you will publish the pattern one day. Lovely new site.

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