Fork Pom Poms – How To Make A Pom Pom Using A Fork

I’ve been asked if I still have the post on how to make miniature pom poms using only a fork, and I have been back through the archives and am sad to report that it is one of the posts that seems to have escaped the archiving. Typically, it is the most referenced posts that have gone astray.

However, I still have the original pictures that accompanied the post, so here for your yarn-filled enjoyment is a reminder on how to use your dining equipment for something other than eating…

1. Start by wrapping your yarn around the prongs of your fork (for the green pompom I wrapped 40 times around, for the red pompom I made 60 wraps) and then cut the end of your yarn. [the examples in the photo are made from DK acrylic yarn]

2. Cut a length of yarn 20cm or so long, and thread beneath your yarn wraps between 2nd and 3rd fork prong. Pass the other end of this length of yarn between prongs over the top of the yarn bundle. Pull both ends and tie into a tight knot.

3. Slip yarn bundle off the end of your fork. snip through all the loops of yarn, and roll pompom between palms to ‘fluff’. Trim any uneven ends.

4. Admire pompoms.

24 thoughts on “Fork Pom Poms – How To Make A Pom Pom Using A Fork

  1. knitsamadworld, I looked through Apple Yarns entire Facebook Timelne and every single photo, and there was NOT a photo like Eskimimi’s Fork Pom Poms anywhere on their page. Plagarism is a serious accusation, I believe you owe Mimi an apology.

    - Sharon

  2. @Sharon

    I think you may have misunderstood. Knitsamadworld wasn’t accusing me of plagiarising Apple Yarn’s work, rather that they had stolen my pictures. Knitsamadworld was completely correct, they had, so I contacted them to point out they had broken Facebook’s Terms and conditions and told them to remove my work, which they did.

    Knitsamadworld doesn’t owe me an apology, rather I owe the thanks :)

  3. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I’ve been making children’s hats as gifts and wanted to add a pom pom to one, but didn’t want to pay for a pom pom maker. I used a serving fork, wrapped 60 times and it was the perfect size!

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