Fork Bows – How To Tie A Bow Using A Fork

Yesterday I posted about how to use a fork to make pom-poms to decorate your knitting and craft projects. The next instalment in my cutlery embellishment series brings you Fork Bows. Using a simple four-pronged dining fork you can tie easy miniature bows which look perfect every time.

1. Gather a fork and a length of ribbon about 6″/15cm long and hold around the left side of the fork.

2. Take the length of ribbon that passes around the back of the fork and pass it over the other end at the front of the fork and between the centre two tines of the fork.

3. take the other end of the ribbon and pass it between the centre two tines of the fork over the top of the bow.

4. Pull both ends of the ribbon tight.

5. Turn the fork over.

6. Tie the two ends of the ribbon in a single overhand knot, pulling tightly.

7. Slip your bow from the fork.

8. trim ends into single or double points to finish.

9. Admire your bow and make more!


30 thoughts on “Fork Bows – How To Tie A Bow Using A Fork

  1. Wow. This is cool! I stopped trying making bows because I always mess with it. But when I see your blog and tried these steps, and now I make bows with ease. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. THankyou ever so uch – i learnt how to do this at a craft show then forgot – your blog makes it so easy to remember

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