FO: Banana Lace Socks

These are were a long time Work In Progress. I have actually lived in three different parts of the country whilst knitting these, so it is good to finally Kitchener stitch shut the toe now that I am settled. These socks are one of the patterns from the Interweave Knits 2009 Accessories edition, which was being sold digitally for 10 cents (7p) for a while last year, and which I begged of someone, anyone, to please download me a copy so that I might knit some of the things from it, as I never had the internet at the time.

I have knit them in bright yellow yarn with some colour variation. It’s enough to make the socks quite lively but not so much as to drown out the lace pattern.

The lace on these socks is very easily memorable and so each lace repeat absolutely flies by. As the yarn patterning wasn’t very strong or predictable I stuck to the prescribed heel rather than put in a short row heel. The heel is slightly different to other flap and gusset heels I have works and has very few decreasing rows for the gusset itself. The bottom of the heel is turned about a very narrow section of stitches and in the same slip stitch pattern as the heel is worked. I’ve not worn these yet so I’ll make not of how comfortable this heel is when worn.

I knit these socks according to the pattern with one small change in that I added a little picot cuff to add a bit of interest to the cuff and make the cuff feel a little more substantial than how the pattern dictated.

Pattern: Wishbone Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Admiral Ombré in the shade ‘Banana Joe’.

7 thoughts on “FO: Banana Lace Socks

  1. They are lovely, like the essence of sunshine and daffodils and cheerful things. And I have that magazine but somehow never noticed the socks and they look like something I’d enjoy making. It’s funny how sometimes it takes someone else to make something in another shade or way for you to notice the original. Though I bought the magazine when it was full price and was hopping mad when that download deal came out!

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