How To Clean Tarnished Nickel Plated Metal Knitting Needles

Are you embarrassed by your grey and dirty nickle-plated needles?

Is it your wit, as well as your needles, that fails to sparkle at the local knit meet? Is your slovenly upkeep of your knitting pins tarnishing your reputation as well as your DPNs? Do your dull, embarassing needles make for dull, embarrassed conversation?

Well, be dull no more, with all new (not in any way new) Brasso! Brasso metal polish will un-tarnish both your needles and your reputation in one quick wipe. Your personality, as well as your sock needles, will sparkle with one quick rub.

Witty remarks will glide from your tongue, just as your stitches glide from your needles, now that you are no longer hiding in the corner with your shameful, unkempt knitting tools.

Both you and your knitting pins can shine with new (not new) Brasso!

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