Polka Dot Bunny Yoke Skirt

I have finished sewing my first ever skirt. It is the Yoke Skirt from the second Great British Sewing Bee series, the pattern for which is included in the accompanying book.

I made a few changes to the original pattern, most noticeably lengthening the skirt to a length I would feel comfortable wearing.

I don’t wear skirts very often so didn’t think I would enjoy wearing a skirt above this length as I tend to go for a maxi-skirt if I step away from my usual jeans, so I went for a mid-calf modification, even though I know that it is a length that many find difficult or unflattering, as I think it is just about as short as I dare.

I chose this pattern because I liked the shaped yoke detail which looked like it might be flattering as well as allowing the skirt to sit flat across the front whilst maintaining the A-line shape for ease of movement. The original pattern gave a good amount of detail about how to apply piping between the yoke and lower skirt, but I just couldn’t find piping cord anywhere in the local haberdashers, so rather than wait extra days for the joys of internet shopping to provide I instead winged it with a bit of bias binding instead to give a nice contrast detail.

I also decided to forego the process of turning the curved hem and instead use bias tape to finish it, to match the piece delineating the yoke and main skirt length. I hoped that this might also just give the slightest bit of extra structure to the edge, not to make it flare out, but just to hold the drape slightly aloft at the sides.

I love the look of the solid edging on this skirt now that it is finished – it gives a slightly retro look to this skirt with its perfect polka dots and bunny rabbits, which along with the length and shape perhaps gives a slightly 50s effect overall.
I’m very happy with the finished project and hope to make another skirt, albeit a bit different from this one, in the near future. Hopefully I will have the confidence to enjoy this fun new wardrobe addition over the coming weeks.


Beautiful Things: Coveted, Now Mine.

About six months ago I went to a stitching and craft show in Birmingham, where I found myself plunged into two giant rooms full of stalls plying wonderful wares: craft materials, yarn and fabric of all styles and colours.

Whilst there I found a particular piece of fabric that I wanted so very much, but with the wedding approaching, and because I had no idea how much I’d return to thinking of it over the following months, I didn’t buy it. There were actually two pieces of fabric that I wanted to buy: a teal and turquoise small graphic print in jewel bright shades was the first.
The colours of this fabric are just amazing. The print is so rich and vibrant that the turquoise is allowed to pop without being over-bearing because the darker teal just tempers it down a couple of degrees. But the real show-stopper that just stole my heart was the matching border print  that is just so cut I can barely stop myself from squeaking with delight.

The top is exactly the same print as the teal and turquoise tile fabric above, but with a cartoon woodland scene full of trees, hedgehogs and oodles of bright fun.
I have a project in mind, and now I can hardly wait to get sewing!

And Now The New Projects Tumble Forth

I often think that at times when you feel creative or energised to be productive but are prevented by either lack of materials, physical problems or time, that the creativity increases its manifestations by way of ideas, building up those pre-sleep imaginings of all the things you wish you could be making.

After the organisation and then celebrations of the last few months, the quieter time that followed has led to a time for all of these ideas to finally burst from daydream to reality, and so I have begun a number of new projects.

The first is a skirt made of some fabric that I purchased whilst on honeymoon. It’s a cute turquoise approaching on teal cotton with dark grey polka dots, though occasionally a polka dot instead makes way for a bunny rabbit.

I bought this fabric for no reason other than that I liked the colour. And I love polka dots. And bunny rabbits. And it was half price. Obviously, it was perfect.

My shopping has extended beyond fabric and into yarn, because obviously I did not have enough already. Actually, the project that I had in mind for this yarn (and this is actually a project that I have oft thought and dreamed about for maybe two or three years now, had to adhere to a very specific palette.

It’s taken me a long time to try to get these colours as close as I have finally been able, but now I have my yarn I have cast on and the few inches that I currently have knit make me almost squeak with happiness. I really hope that the finished knit comes close to what I have imagined, because a lot of daydreaming hours have been invested in the conception.

I do perhaps wonder if there is someone out there who might even be able to guess what I am knitting from the colours alone? It would be very difficult with just three shades to go on, but then again it is, to my mind, one of the most iconic designs I can think of, but that would depend mainly on your interests… And perhaps a little on your age!