FO: Tiny Tank Top

It has long been an amusement to my husband that I just adore a tank top (or Sweater Vest if you are from the US or various other places that we in the UK seem to have cross-terminology with). I love to wear them myself as they are comfortable and warm without being bulky or restricting, and I love them on other people. Mr Awesome has a yellow and grey striped one, and it is still my favourite thing of his, even if it is pretty much past its best. And then there are the professional tank top wearers. I remember when watching the series House, long after everyone else in the world had already watched it, when the young doctor who anyone in the UK should know as ‘Dr Billy Kennedy From Neighbours went from regular actor to Tank Top Wearing Superstar Of The Elite Order. I actually have no idea what the character’s name was, but he could rock a tank top.

But when is a tank top at it’s absolute finest? When it is teeny sized!
Eskimimi Tank TopHow could there be anything cuter than a baby boy in a little striped tank top? Knit in buttery soft Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and with wooden buttons securing the shoulders for easy dressing and accommodation of cute top-heavy baby bonces, Drops Viggo pattern was an absolute joy to knit, from beginning to end. The body has no shaping until the armholes, which is the perfect kind of mindless knitting for if you are not feeling too great or have a bout of baby brain to contend with: the soft yarn and muted colours allow you to just relax and enjoy the stitches.
Eskimimi Tank TopThis is a perfect quick pattern for a wonderfully cute little Tank Top to warm baby’s tummy, and would make an excellent gift knit due to its simplicity and easy modern styling.

Pattern: Viggo, by Drops
Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in shades Off-White and Pistachio
Size: 1-3 months.

FO: Bumpy Baby Jumper

I loved the Drops Designs McDreamy Baby Jumper from the first time I saw it. It looked to be a sturdy and yet soft jumper, with all those little things I had been looking for in an early sweater for Mr Bump: a buttoned shoulder opening, nice length and a bit of detail beyond the plain.

Because my time spent knitting has been so reduced due to the problems I have had during pregnancy, I wanted to try to spread the few things I thought I might be able to make a start on throughout baby’s first year, therefore I knit the 6-9 months size of this pattern in the hope that he would not be out of those few precious hand knits within the first few weeks.
Knitting this sweater felt relatively straightforward, though there are many comments attached to other projects on the associated Ravelry listing where knitters found the pattern difficult to follow or interpret. It may be down to how individuals interpret instructions, or where knitting experience may allow a knitter to make certain assumptions around instructions, but much of the confusion appears to be around the point of the instruction where the knitting of the body of the jumper in the round transitions to knitting back and forth to begin the raglan shaping, which is worked flat to allow for the button placket at the shoulder.
I knit the pattern pretty much as per the pattern instructions, with the small modification of leaving the underarm stitches held live to knit from (rather than binding off and picking up stitches on the bound off edge, which I did to reduce underarm bulk in seaming). The only other change I made to the pattern as written was to omit the doubled-over neck edge, to produce a less bulky finish to the neck edge.
Little Mr Bump’s first handmade sweater is now packed safely away in the drawers of the nursery (which is slowly coming together) , and I can’t wait until he gets to wear his first hand knits!

Pattern: McDreamy Jumper by Drops.
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Baby Merino in shade Lavender.
Size: 6-9 Months.

WIP: Striped Baby Cardigan

Thank you so much for all the well wishes yesterday; here on the website, on Facebook,  and on Twitter. It has been a wonderful feeling to look forward to making things, however small and slow the progress has seemed, but maybe sometimes the best things are worked on slowly and appreciated, when finally you stumble over the finishing line and can look back on the challenge and final achievement.

Looking for another simple knit, I have decided to knit the Debbie Bliss Striped Cardigan for the Eskimini. I have decided to go with two shades of blue Drops Baby Merino (Ice Blue and Navy) to give a bit of impact to the simple 2 row stripes.

The pattern gives the body of the cardigan in three pieces, but I have made a small modification to knit the body in a single piece up until the divide for the armholes, both to omit any unnecessary bulk from seams around small bodies, but also because I am lazy, and the fewer ends I have to weave in, the better. I have also grafted the top of the shoulders instead of binding off and seaming them, as given in the pattern (again, for reduced bulk and hopefully additional comfort).

The instructions for the sleeves also has them knitted flat and seamed, however these again I have knit in the round until the bound off stitches for the underarms and sleeve cap shaping start. Hopefully I have saved just a little bit of bulk on quite a small and delicate knit, and rid myself of a few potential ends.

The only other very minor change I have made is to omit the contrast edge to the button bands and hem/cuff/neck edges. Partly this was done to do away with the need for another colour change that would have required further ends to be woven in, but also because I prefer the cleaner look of the solid coloured ribbing as enough contrast is given by the buttons (which I happened to find in my button stash and which compliment the lighter blue yarn just perfectly – I knew the millions of hoarded buttons I have would come in useful one day!)
It’s taken a few weeks to get to this stage of the cardigan, but I have just cast off the first of two sleeves and if I continue to feel a bit better as I have done these last few days, hopefully it will not be too long until this stripy little treasure is finished.

Pattern: Striped Cardigan by Debbie Bliss.
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Baby Merino in shades Navy and Ice Blue.
Size: 6-9 Months.